about Shop Manhasset

SHOP Manhasset was created in an effort to support our town and local businesses as well as to encourage our community to Shop Locally!

We created a Facebook Group (@shopmanhasset) where businesses have the opportunity to promote and connect with the community. During the uncertainty of the pandemic, local businesses didn't have a platform to interact with the community in a centralized place such as providing information on hours of operation and availability of dining in, take-out, curbside pickup up or free home deliveries. This group has been a central place for Manhasset businesses to communicate information, engage with the community and more. It also provides an avenue for members to be actively involved in recommending local businesses they’ve used and use the group as a resource for local shopping.

This past Holiday Season we created a “Shopping Guide” for locals to use as a resource for their personal shopping needs. We have over 300+ businesses which include storefronts, restaurants, home-run businesses of local residents and businesses that are members of Manhasset Chambers. As our name continues to spread in the community, we hope to add more businesses to the Guide!

Through the generous donations from our local businesses we have sponsored multiple successful giveaways on social media. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you can join in on the local fun!

If you are a Manhasset business or a Manhasset resident with a home business or businesses located elsewhere contact us to be included in our Shopping Guide and “Face Behind the Business” Spotlight.

FB Group / Instagram @shopmanhasset

Personal FB Page @nyshopmanhasset

Email shopmanhasset@gmail.com


My name is Antonietta Manzi, and I created Shop Manhasset. I am a mom of 4 and I run my own personalization business ByTina Design (@bytinadesign) at home in Flower Hill.

I am Co-President of the Manhasset Chamber of Commerce, and I am also on the board and of The Tower Foundation of Manhasset, The Mothers Group of Manhasset, and Co-President of the Women's Club of Flower Hill.

I am looking forward to hosting more events for the community while helping and supporting our local businesses! To stay updated on whats happening in 11030 follow me on Instagram and join my Facebook Group! @shopmanhasset

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The Manhasset Chamber is recognized for hosting Manhasset Al Fresco

The Chamber received an award from the Town of North Hemstead for bringing the community together while helping local businesses through the Manhasset Al Fresco event as part of it’s “Lift Up Local” campaign. The award was graciously accepted by Chamber Co-Presidents Matthew Donno and Bill Hannan, and Chamber Board Member and co-organizer of the event Antonietta Manzi (Shop Manhasset).

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